When will My Demon Episode 11 and 12 air on Netflix? 

Hold your flames, My Demon devotees! While Gu-won’s tattoo may be back and blazing, our fiery couple won’t be gracing our screens with episodes 11 and 12 just yet. Fear not, for this isn’t a permanent inferno, but a mere ember of delay. Let’s unravel the mystery and predict when their next adventure unfolds.

My Demon Episode 11 and 12 delay

The culprit behind this temporary hiatus? None other than the prestigious SBS Drama Awards. Like jealous demons vying for attention, the awards ceremony demanded the spotlight, pushing My Demon’s episodes to January 5th and 6th for Korea and, thankfully, still streaming uninterrupted on Netflix. While we impatiently gnaw on our fingernails, let’s delve into what might await us in these postponed episodes.

Remember the cliffhanger that left us gasping for air (and maybe drooling over Goo-won’s shirtless prowess)? Do-hee and Gu-won are finally married, their love blazing brighter than Do-hee’s dad’s wrath. But, like any good Korean drama, happily ever after is just a mirage in the desert. The evil mastermind behind the fire is still out there, lurking in the shadows, a viper poised to strike.

Rumors swirl around the identity of this villain. Could it be the enigmatic Joo Sakun, his eyes glinting with a sinister agenda? Or is it the seemingly benevolent Shaman, hiding a venomous secret beneath his robes? We can only speculate, but one thing’s certain: Gu-won’s demonic powers alone might not be enough to extinguish this threat.

Do-hee, however, is no damsel in distress. With her newfound human memories and Goo-won’s unwavering support, she’ll likely rise to the challenge. The upcoming episodes might see her harnessing her own fiery power, becoming a formidable warrior alongside her demon husband. Think Xena: Warrior Princess with a dash of Korean flair.

But My Demon isn’t just about epic battles and sizzling romance. It’s a story about second chances, forgiveness, and learning to embrace your true self, even if it means defying heaven and hell. We might see Goo-won grappling with his dual nature, struggling to balance his demonic instincts with his newfound humanity. Do-hee, too, might face a crisis of identity, torn between her past life and her love for the demon who set her heart ablaze.

The emotional rollercoaster is inevitable, but so is the humor. My Demon masterfully blends suspense with lighthearted moments, making us laugh even as we bite our nails in anticipation. Expect witty banter between Goo-won and Do-hee, adorable bonding moments, and maybe even a jealous tantrum or two from the ever-so-charming Goo-kwon.

While the wait for January might feel like an eternity, remember, anticipation is like a good kimchi – the wait only makes it taste sweeter. Use this time to theorize, share your wildest predictions, and maybe even rewatch the existing episodes to spot hidden clues. Who knows, your eagle eyes might unveil the villain’s true identity!

When will My Demon Episode 11 and 12 air on netflix

So, fellow demon disciples, let us embrace this fiery delay with fervor. On January 5th and 6th, we’ll be back on the edge of our seats, cheering for Goo-won and Do-hee to conquer their enemies and claim their happily ever after. Until then, keep the flames of excitement burning, and remember, true love, like a true demon, never goes out of style.

P.S. Don’t forget to share your wildest theories and favorite moments from My Demon in the comments below! Let’s keep the fire of discussion raging until our beloved couple returns to grace our screens.

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